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Sri Lankan Heritage

Nourished by the influences of different cultures and faiths, Sri Lankan timeline is dotted with many significant milestones, which has prompted to create wonders as Sigiriya, Dambulla golden cave temples and many more. Eight world heritage sites, 30,000 years of majestic history and countless amounts of natural wonders summon you to our isle, to share its splendour and the captivating stories behind it.

Sri Lankan Wild Life

Though we are small in size, our bountiful land homes some of the most spectacular wildlife spectacles that attracts many number of travellers, and nature lovers across the globe, to witness and be a part of it all. We home the highest density of leopards in the world, offers you the opportunity to behold the largest animal on earth in both land and sea (Sri Lankan elephants and Blue whales) and give you the opportunity to be a part of the “sixth greatest wildlife spectacle in the world – The elephant gathering at Minneriya”, everything just few hours away.

Sri Lankan Thrill

The matured forests, steepest mountains and the most violent rivers are humouring you to dare and challenge them all. Why not? Don’t be fooled by the calming nature of our surroundings because they are hiding the best of thrills that needs to be dug out. Oil your engines and let’s go for an adrenaline rush by engaging in white water rafting, surfing, safari jeep riding, mountain climbing and many more thrills that simply needs only you.

Sri Lankan Pristine

The immaculate golden belt of the costal line, the enchanting aquamarine blues of the surrounding Indian Ocean and the freshest greenery of our flawless forests are some of the finest features of pristine Sri Lanka. Let us guide you through the trails, where a different stop tells a different story, about us and about Sri Lanka, about its nature, culture and astounding heritage.